Empowering 1st line of defence to balance risk and return in their business decisions


Our client fosters a cultural ethos that encourages risk professionals to consider the bank’s customer and strategic goals when making risk decisions.

To do so, they need to look beyond their silos and develop a shared understanding of the bank’s business model, strategy and performance – and the role of risk within this.


Adeva’s blended learning program takes a building block approach to developing risk acumen:

  • Video and interactive eWorkbooks provide a common grounding in the core concepts of banking and risk.
  • This is followed by an immersive, practical workshop focused on the bank itself to illustrate application.
  • Participants complete their learning journey by reflecting on how they can apply their new appreciation of risk to typical challenges in their work.

Developing chief credit officers at a global bank to stay ahead of risk and regulatory challenges


With operations in over 60 countries, our client is a truly global universal bank. The bank’s leaders need a shared understanding of the impact of regulatory, competitive, economic and accounting changes on the risk profile, strategy and performance of the bank.


As part of a leadership program for country risk officers, we developed an intensive course that equips senior management to:

  • Understand how the bank’s business model is evolving, focusing on balance sheet management, risk appetite and capital allocation.
  • Evaluate the impact of capital and liquidity rules, RWA changes and other regulatory change on the bank and their clients.
  • Recognise the impact of evolving best practice in the quantification and recognition of risk.
  • Appreciate how rating agencies, debt markets and equity markets evaluate bank performance and how the bank is performing relative to regional and global peers.

Our expert facilitators used practical case study challenges to encourage exchange of ideas and deeper discussion about the bank’s risk strategy and practices.

Continuing professional development for markets and investment banking talent


Recognising that learning is a vital part of a sustainable business, our investment bank client established an academy focused on professional career development for front and middle office staff. They needed a comprehensive learning curriculum that helps staff keep their knowledge and understanding up to date in an ever-changing industry.


Collaborating closely with the bank we designed a series of case-study based masterclasses that bring risk, regulation and the implications of accounting changes to life.

  • The launch module – where participants examine and debate the key drivers of the bank’s performance – has become one of the most recommended courses offered by the bank.
  • Practical masterclasses follow, developing capability to address key risk and regulatory challenges for the bank, including optimising use of capital, developing funding and liquidity strategy and evaluating credit exposure to other banks.


Three years on from its launch, our workshops are a popular core offering in our client’s in-house academy. Our brand is well known amongst their audience, with peer recommendations driving demand. Participants value the immediate and future career benefits from their learning experience with us.

Fundamentals of Banks and Insurance products and accounting – eLearning

Adeva is developing an e-learning suite to fill the gap for eLearning materials on financial institutions which are truly practical and up to date.

Participants can ensure they understand the accounting and risk dynamics of key products ranging from loans, derivatives and repos in the banking world to unit linked / variable annuities, long tail casualty products and reinsurance in the reinsurance world. They will see the products and accounting issues through real life examples and will be able to test their understanding and cross reference a glossary. Some of our clients require this as mandatory independent learning with multiple choice test before an analytic course.

Regulatory and strategic drivers of performance

How many bankers really understand their own bank’s risk profile, its competitive advantage in key markets / product areas and how the bank’s performance benchmarks against their biggest competitors? Although many may be somewhat familiar with Basel III, Dodd Frank, Independent Commission on Banking – but how well do key staff understand how these will impact the bank’s strategy, share price, credit rating and, most importantly, customer relationships? Adeva Partners has worked closely with our clients to develop and deliver a fast paced, highly topical and customized workshop for senior front office and also strategy professionals to enable them to use this knowledge and understanding to be more effective in their jobs.

Debt Structuring Solutions for those working in Sales, Trading and Syndications

One of the many lessons learned from the financial crisis is that bankers are often working in silos – experts in their respective area of specialization but less familiar with how their specific role fits within the wider spectrum of the bank’s business.

Adeva has developed a Debt Structuring Solutions course to equip participants with a broader and deeper understanding of how the credit instruments they sell and trade play a role within the overall funding strategy of an issuer.

The workshop demonstrates how to use a structured approach to cultivate a better understanding of the issuers’ business and financing strategies, enabling participants to be more proactive and effective in their job.

Accreditation: This course can be used towards accreditation for CPE requirements.

Basel III continues to drive strategic, risk management and operational changes in banks

Banks are not only building liquidity and capital buffers in response to Basel III but also changing the way they price, structure and evaluate lending, contingent, derivative and deposit products. Adeva Partners equips Relationship Managers, analysts and support professionals with a better understanding of how Basel III is changing the marketplace. Case studies, based on the Bank’s own figures and those of competitors and clients, are used to illustrate the impact of not only the big picture capital, leverage and liquidity changes but also more micro issues such as credit valuation adjustments (CVA), stress VaR and loss given default (LGD) floors.

Relationship Managers globally are better positioned to uncover risk management business

Volatility in currencies, interest rates, commodities, equities and credit risk continue to prove challenging to clients as varied as airlines, brewers, insurers and banks. Adeva Partners has developed a highly client focused Market Risk Management workshop for Relationship Managers. Participants apply a structured approach to identify and quantify exposures in order to facilitate both a meaningful conversation with the client about risk management strategies and an interface with product specialists to recommend appropriate derivative solutions.

Writing effective credit applications is a key element of the approval process

Improving both the quality of the analysis and the written credit submissions are the overall aims of this program designed to ensure credit analyst are able to use their existing skills to write credit proposals that are more succinct, focused and conclusive, clearly articulating the risks and demonstrating their credit judgment. Participants apply what is taught during the workshop by writing credit applications on real cases, critiquing each other’s written work and recognizing and adhering to best practice