Adeva’s consulting solutions bring our extensive training experience to each consulting project, helping our clients tackle organisational challenges, formulate strategy and enhance performance by streamlining business processes and procedures.

Projects are often training related and assignments have taken a variety of different forms –

  • Needs analysis to ensure that training solutions meet both management’s objectives for improved performance and caters to the needs of the individuals
  • Devising bank-wide credit training curriculum and course design
  • Transfer of knowledge: Design and develop courses to be delivered by internal staff
  • Train the trainer: coaching internal staff to be more effective trainers to ensure that training initiatives are sustainable.

Working with the world’s leading financial institutions and regulators has given us a unique and objective view of the competitive and regulatory challenges facing today’s banking industry.  Adeva can help your organisation to tackle these issues and come up with innovative solutions.

Enterprise risk management

Clients are increasingly looking for effective ways to heighten staff awareness of risk and to empower them to take responsibility for risk management at individual, team and divisional levels.

Adeva has developed Enterprise Risk training solutions for a range of institutions.  These typically combine independent learning with classroom-based workshops in a blended learning approach, with the classroom element tailored to ensure that the organisation’s unique risk management appetite, policies and practices are addressed and understood.

Learning content design

With our deep experience in banking and in training, we can help you deliver innovative solutions to specific business challenges.  For clients who prefer in-house delivered training to cover topical issues and corporate imperatives, we have a variety of ways to support these efforts, notably –

  • Storyboard development for eLearning modules
  • Scripting role-play videos and designing training aides
  • Study guides to support accreditation programmes
  • eWorkbook Series for independent learning of core banking and risk concepts

Change management: Credit culture and policy implementation

In consulting, we work with you to uncover and resolve the obstacles that create inefficiencies in the credit process. A firm’s credit policy and procedures are the foundation stones for establishing its credit risk culture. To be effective, the credit culture must be clearly articulated, well understood and firmly imbedded in process and procedures.  We can help you achieve this.

Adeva can help identify obstacles and tackle the challenges by bringing valuable insight from an external perspective.  Our pragmatic approach means that we can uncover bottlenecks in the credit risk management process. Our focus is on finding solutions that will deliver results.  Some clients seek to streamline their credit approval process; others seek changes that would assist in policy implementation/ organisational restructuring. Such a review can greatly facilitate the implementation of new policies, and provide a vehicle for feedback to refine or clarify how the policies are to be applied from a practical perspective.

Training needs analysis

Our diagnostic needs analysis uses a range of tools to assess individual training needs in the context of corporate objectives in order to establish optimal learning pathways.

The aim of technical training is to build the knowledge and skills of staff that will equip them to do their job more effectively and time efficiently. The target audience for such training is often mixed – staff have different levels of skills, either due to previous training and / or relevant experience.   For training to deliver results, it must be clear in its objectives, practical in its expectations and efficient in its delivery.  The best training is crafted to fill the “knowledge gaps” of participants.  An effective needs analysis will enable you to do this by specifying individual requirements and finding innovative ways to meet those needs.

Curriculum design and evaluation processes

Adeva offers a range of services, from initial diagnostic needs assessment, through curriculum design, independent and eLearning solutions, class room based training design, development and delivery.

Key to assessing the success of training and your firm’s return on investment is building an effective evaluation process. We work with clients to build certification processes that meet their situation and corporate needs. These include pre-course testing to create a baseline, post- training testing of both e-learning and classroom based training.  In addition, post-training assignments are used to evaluate the learners’ ability to translate what they have learned into improved job performance.