We are an expert-led firm specialising in credit, corporate finance, risk management, and business development training.

Our aim is to deliver the best financial and technical training in the market. This is reflected throughout – in the products we build, the training we deliver, the people in our team and ultimately in the service we give to our clients.

A Trusted and Experienced Partner

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Fantastic – great case studies and excellent knowledge. Good interactive style which kept it interesting and involved everyone.  Best financial training in the market – not at all dry or boring – really relevant.

– Global Head of Financial Institutions Group, International Bank

We are proud to be the preferred supplier to leading banks, insurance companies and regulators. Clients turn to us to solve training challenges and deliver high-profile programmes.

Our approach to every client relationship is to be a partner who understands their strategy, market and the real-world challenges faced by participants. We collaborate closely with our clients to tailor training to their culture, business focus and risk appetite. We bring our deep training and financial services experience, a comprehensive range of courses, a proven blended-learning approach and an extensive library of case studies and self-study modules.

High Quality Tailored Training and Online Courses

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I have been working in the corporate bank for 6.5 years now and most of these concepts I had a fairly good grasp on, but it was so good to have it all systematically presented in a good framework and to deepen on some of them. I wish I had this course when I first moved into this job!

– Relationship Manager, Large Global Bank

We deliver training across a spectrum of experience levels, from those beginning their careers to those stepping up to director and managing director roles.

Self-Paced Learning: Interactive online courses build a foundations level understanding of key technical and analytic concepts.

Intensive Analytic Training (Virtual or In-Person): Tailored training programmes develop and hone core analytic skills though application to relevant case studies.

Continuing Education: Masterclasses help participants update their knowledge of emerging issues and develop advanced analytic skills.

Certification: We help clients certify skills and competence by offering assessment services that include multiple choice tests, case study written assessments and panel presentations.

A Learning Experience that Elevates Performance

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I thought last week’s course was excellent. I’ve noticed I’m referring to the training provided in both customer meetings and in my analysis of financials. On many courses the training doesn’t convert to practical application but last week’s course has, so thank you very much

– Relationship Manager, UK Bank

Blended, interactive, innovative, challenging and practical to ensure retention and transfer to the workplace.

Tailored: Specific to the needs of the audience in context of the bank’s clients and products.​

Progressive: Using a structured approach to analysis and continually build upon the key concepts.​

Interactive: Challenging participants to apply what they learn through case studies and exercises to enable the learning to be embedded and applied back on the job. ​

Sustainable: Blended learning ensures regular reinforcement and provides tools and resources which participants can use throughout their careers. Content is always updated to reflect current markets and challenges.