A practical approach to understanding the stages in restructuring distressed businesses, to help bankers facilitate the restructuring process and minimise potential loss to the bank.

The overall goal of the course is to equip participants to understand the key issues that need to be addressed in assessing restructuring alternatives and managing the process.

A structured analytic framework is demonstrated throughout the course and can applied back in the workplace.  Key steps in the approach are:

  • Identifying the causes of distress
  • Crisis management and stabilisation
  • Business and operational restructuring
  • Financial restructuring

On completion of the course, participants will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand the various causes of business failures and distinguish between operational distress and financial distress
  • Recognise warning signals and appreciate the importance of early action in initiating the process for managing distressed companies
  • Determine the level at which value breaks within the capital structure and the influence of the various stakeholders and debt structures on the viability of restructuring alternatives
  • Evaluate a range of restructuring alternatives and exit options in order to recommend the most appropriate solution.