Take Financial Crime training at your organisation to the next level. Fundamental FCC training focuses on awareness and outcomes.

At Adeva, we have developed interactive workshops that prepare you to both anticipate the potential for financial crime in high risk circumstances and, using our Financial Crime Risk Assessment Framework, we equip you to be proactive in identifying, assessing, escalating and reporting suspected financial crime risks in a timely manner.

With regulators pushing for change, reputational risks and catastrophic repercussions and costs, for companies caught off guard, financial crime risk training should be high on your agenda. During our interactive workshops we demonstrate the lessons learned, the warning signals that were missed and we simulate a live transaction that requires participants to act and think like a deal team and illustrate best practice.

During our financial crime risk assessment training we equip participants to think differently when dealing with high-risk clients / transactions:

  • Rationale: Consider each stage of a deal, beginning with a clear understanding of the commercial/ political/ developmental rationale for the transaction. Highlight the need to take proactive steps including initiating due diligence on key parties to the transaction and to take precautions when relying on third parties.
  • Risks: Appreciate the potential for different types of financial crime; consider who might be the beneficiaries and recognise the ‘red flags’ that need to be further investigated.
  • Rewards: Review the terms of the transaction – from the perspective of ALL parties – look for indicators of excess profit and potential coercion through intimidation from outside and, possibly inside, your organisation.
  • Responsibility: Clarify your own, and your colleagues, responsibilities and heighten awareness of the need for early action, thorough due diligence and timely escalation.