Enabling insightful credit analysis and sound business development through a practical and structured approach to credit assessment and application.

Our corporate credit analysis courses are designed to develop credit capability for all levels of experience across functions in corporate banking. Courses are hands-on, with real-world experience gained through relevant case studies, mock credit committees and modelling exercises.

Our corporate credit assessment curriculum includes the following courses:

Financial Statement Analysis: for those new to corporate credit analysis, this workshop is an introduction to analysing corporate financial statements enabling participants to understand how financial measures of corporate performance are defined, calculated and applied to assess credit worthiness.

Corporate Credit Analysis: Aimed at corporate credit analysts, this course will enhance their analytic skills in order to encourage a more robust and consistent understanding of key issues which impact overall creditworthiness.  It enables participants to distinguish strong performers, detect signs of credit deterioration and recommend exposure levels and appropriate terms and conditions based on their understanding of the business and risk appetite of the bank.

Corporate Credit for Relationship Managers: In this course, we demonstrate to relationship managers how to think about credit in the context of the banking needs of clients and how a deeper understanding of a client can facilitate the credit process. They learn how qualitative and quantitative tools of assessment are defined, measured and applied, using case studies that are relevant and tailored to their business. This enables them to evaluate operating performance and financial strategy, build expectations about future performance and begin to consider how this might lead to business opportunities.