Bankers need to put themselves in the shoes of their clients in order to understand their needs, appreciate their challenges and uncover sound business opportunities.

  • How can I help my client optimise his working capital and provide value-added supply chain finance solutions?
  • How much is their business worth?
  • I need to uncover more derivative and market risk management opportunities – how can I achieve this?
  • How can I gain a better understanding of the strategic drivers of my clients’ businesses to enable me to act as a trusted advisor?
  • Is my client over paying for this acquisition?
  • How do I evaluate the proposition of investing seed capital in emerging market banks and corporates?
  • I need to find ways to meet my client’s funding requirements while minimising the impact on the Bank’s risk weighted assets – is this doable?

Adeva Partners designs Corporate Finance courses to ensure that participants – whatever their background and roles– are able to develop and apply corporate finance theory and analysis in a practical manner in context of the market place and their own organisations’ business development and risk management strategies.  Whether their focus is SME’s, mid-cap or large global corporates, the course content is built around real life examples reflecting the issues, opportunities and challenges in the current market.

Whether the goal is to broaden the skill set of experienced Relationship Managers or equip junior professionals with the building blocks of corporate finance, Adeva Partners has expertise in developing and delivering effective, practical, market focused Corporate Finance courses. The emphasis is on demonstrating the application of Corporate Finance theory to real life examples.

Courses can be designed for those working in:

  • Business Development/Coverage – using corporate finance techniques to become a value added advisor   (Corporate Finance for Bankers, Corporate Finance Applications)
  • Credit / Risk – identifying and evaluating risks inherent in complex deal structures (Leveraged Finance)
  • Portfolio Management – gaining skills to effectively monitor leveraged portfolios and uncover new business arising from potential exit strategies
  • Debt Capital Markets – gaining a better understanding of the equity perspective and how it influences corporate strategy and capital structures
  • Research Analysts – developing analytic skills in the context of M and A and Leveraged Finance transactions

Our Corporate Finance Topics include:

  • Acquisition and leveraged finance
  • Market risk management (Derivative) solutions (Corporate and FI)
  • Identifying and devising supply chain solutions
  • Debt structuring solutions
  • Origination for distribution
  • Analytical approach to business development (Corporate and FI)