Thorough, perceptive, forward-looking credit analysis is essential for developing mutually beneficial corporate relationships.

Adeva equips participants with the skills to make informed decisions, recommendations and decisions using a structured approach which is sustainable and effective.  Past participants often mention how clearly they remember – and still use – many of the ‘aha’ moments and the structured approach they received from us during their training.

Target Audience

From introductory level courses to advanced master classes, Adeva designs credit courses for those working as:

  • Relationship Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Credit Analysts and underwriters / risk managers
  • Capital Market Professionals : origination, sales and trading, product specialists, research analysts
  • Supervisory and Compliance Officers / Auditors
  • Treasury and Transaction Services Specialists

We work with Adeva as partner to provide a credit analysis course for our staff every year. We selected them based on their broad experience in banking and credit risk, and for their commitment to design a customized course that fully meets our learning needs. The training is highly interactive with challenging real-life case studies that promote deep analysis and discussion among participants. Our expectations have always been exceeded.