With the growing complexity of banking regulation in a challenging economic climate, risk is an essential skill base for all finance professionals.

The wide range of business and financial risks and the demands they make on capital and liquidity are everyone’s responsibility.  Always practical, topical and up to date, our risk and regulatory courses aim to provide holistic and specialist insight to risk management in banking and financial institutions.

We design, develop and deliver programmes suitable to a wide range of experience levels, from early career through to specialist practitioners and senior management.

Our risk and regulatory topics include:

  • Banking and risk: A graduate induction programme
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Risk management in banks
    • Liquidity risk management
    • Operational risk management
    • Credit portfolio management
  • Basel III / Dodd Frank: implications and opportunities
  • RWA Management & Regulation
  • Banking & Risk eWorkbooks
  • Insurance: Solvency II implications