With the growing complexity of banking regulation in a challenging economic climate, risk is an essential skill base for all finance professionals.

The wide range of business and financial risks and the demands they make on capital and liquidity are everyone’s responsibility.  Always practical, topical and up to date, our risk and regulatory courses aim to provide holistic and specialist insight to risk management in banking and financial institutions.

We design, develop and deliver programmes suitable to a wide range of experience levels, from early career through to specialist practitioners and senior management.

Key Drivers of Bank Performance

Enable people to better understand their bank and their roles in the context of management’s strategy and regulatory and business drivers.

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RWA Management & Regulation

Build understanding your bank’s capital and return targets and how risk weighted assets can be optimised in the light of regulatory, market and competitive pressures.

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Financial Crime Training

Equip staff to be proactive in identifying, assessing, escalating and reporting suspected financial crime risks.

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Risk Management in Banks

Understand the inter-relationships between the key risks facing banks in today’s economic and regulatory environment and how each are quantified, monitored and managed.

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Liquidity and Funding Risk Management

Discover best practice in liquidity and funding risk management and learn how to analyse early warning signals of heightened liquidity risk.

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Market Risk and FRTB

Learn how changes to market risk regulation under FRTB impact the trading, liquidity and funding strategies of banks and their market risk appetite.

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Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book

Learn how to evaluate interest rate risk in the banking book and its impact on a bank’s balance sheet and earnings.

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Credit Portfolio Management

Develop a conceptual understanding of how credit portfolio risk is measured and modelled.

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Basel III / Frank Dodd

Gain practical insight into the impact of Basel III, Dodd Frank and other regulatory changes.

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