Our bank analysis curriculum develops participants’ ability to make insightful credit judgement using a systematic analytic approach to the analysis of bank financial strength, systemic risk and regulation and supervision.

The analytic focus incorporates both the core financial analysis (CAMELS*) and the differentiation of business models, macro and regulatory environment and their implied safety nets.

Our blended learning curriculum combines our eWorkbook series with interactive classroom training tailored to bank, role and level of expertise.

Adeva’s Banking & Risk eLearning Series:  Our interactive eWorkbooks prepare participants to understand the business of banking and evaluate both the financial dynamics of banks and the risk profiles of their activities.

Fundamentals of Bank Analysis:  An introductory level workshop that equips participants with a basic understanding of how bank performance is measured and identify the key risks, products and services are understand how they are reflected in the financial statements.

Bank Credit Analysis:  An intermediate level workshop that equips participants to make insightful analytic judgements on individual banks and the banking system as a whole, using a systematic analytic approach that facilitates focused and conclusive analysis.

Advanced Bank Analysis:  Aimed at experienced analysts, this workshop equips participants to evaluate the credit standing of banks with complex financial statements and / or specific vulnerabilities in the light of macro-economic and regulatory challenges.

Post-course Certification:  A range of assessment techniques with varying degrees of formality, including classroom case study presentations, multiple choice or short answer tests and case analysis assessments.