Adeva’s eLearning Series covers the fundamentals of banking and risk through to the frameworks and tools needed to assess a bank’s performance at an advanced level. This series also contains specialised training in insurance company analysis.

The interactive eWorkbooks prepare learners to:

  • Understand the business of banking; appreciate the variety of business models, products and risk profiles of different types of institutions.
  • Evaluate a bank from foundations level understanding through to an advanced level, appreciating how new regulations impact a bank’s performance and learn how to assess and benchmark its financial strength using the CAMELS framework.
  • Analyse an insurance company: Recognise the differences in types of firms, their risk profiles and the financial fundamentals of each.

Our eWorkbooks are designed to be highly interactive and engaging.  Concepts are presented in a logical and structured manner with explanations illustrated by real bank disclosures that are up to date and relevant.  Built-in quiz questions are provided regularly to test understanding while the topic is fresh in the participant’s mind. Click here to download an interactive brochure with examples.


Series 1: Foundations of Banking & Risk introduces the main business models, core products, key risks of banking and the key indicators to evaluate bank performance.

Series 2: Bank Financial Strength covers the accounting issues unique to banks and the CAMELS framework for benchmarking key indicators of performance and financial strength.

Series 3: Regulatory, Risk & Performance Drivers covers bank capital management, liquidity and funding and derivative,s from market and credit perspectives. This series gives insight into the governance and regulation of risk and how it impacts bank performance.

Specialised: Insurance company analysis provides a holistic perspective on insurance companies; it includes different business models, accounting issues unique to this sector and the framework and tools of financial analysis.

Target Audience

Series 1 has wide application within a bank; it provides staff with a holistic understanding of the sector and the position of their bank within that context.

Series 1 & 2 are designed for those working in financial institutions in relationship management, risk functions or as equity analysts.  The eWorkbooks can stand alone as a self-paced study course or form part of a blended learning programme.

Specialised series: Insurance Company Analysis is used by those working in financial institutions in relationship management, risk functions or as equity analysts.