Enabling new hires and graduates to better understand their bank and their future roles in the context of management’s strategy and regulatory and business drivers.

Aimed at new joiners, this programme provides a fundamental understanding of banking, and insight into your bank’s business model, strategy, risk profile and financial performance.

The overall goal of this course is to provide a deeper understanding of

  • the business and performance of the bank and the role of risk within the bank;
  • how the macro-economic, regulatory and competitive environment impacts bank strategy and performance and
  • how performance is measured by external stakeholders, creditors and regulators.

This is achieved through a blended learning programme that combines independent study using our eWorkbook series with interactive tailored classroom training.

  • eWorkbook Series 1: Foundations of Banking & Risk introduces the main business models, core products and key risks of banking.
  • Interactive applications based workshop covering Business Models; Regulatory & Market Drivers; and Risk & Financial Drivers
  • Learning outcomes are supported and reinforced through short webinars, online quizzes and a case study assignment.