Enabling relationship and credit managers to be more proactive in soliciting new business and delivering a wider range of risk management products.

Participants will gain a broader and deeper understanding of the application of derivative instruments by different types of FIG clients, including the factors that influence decision making.  The workshop will demonstrate how to use a structured approach to identify risk management opportunities in order to facilitate interface with product specialists to recommend appropriate solutions.

Tailored to strategic focus and key challenges of your bank, this intensive workshop will equip participants to:

  • Identify the different ways financial institutions use derivatives for hedging, trading and investing, client intermediation, structured products and leverage
  • Use a structured approach to uncover the derivative needs in each of the above areas
  • Discuss the advantages, disadvantages and key characteristics of a variety of relevant risk management products and solutions and, where appropriate, how they can be combined with other banking products
  • Use an understanding of client need and risk management products to facilitate appropriate solutions