At Adeva Partners, we are dedicated to eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking within our
operations and supply chains. Our actions go beyond adhering to the Modern Slavery Act 2015, as we
proactively oppose exploitation.

Key Policies and Commitments:

Zero Tolerance Policy: We enforce a strict no-tolerance stance on slavery and human trafficking within our
business and demand the same high standards from our suppliers.

Supply Chain Vigilance: As a cloud-based company with a limited physical supply chain, we still undertake
comprehensive assessments and will terminate any relationships where evidence of modern slavery is

Worker Rights: We guarantee that all workers have access to their personal documents and receive
contracts in their primary language to ensure transparency and informed consent. Our policies uphold
workers’ rights to terminate their employment without penalties, in accordance with their contractual

Reporting Mechanism: We encourage employees to report any suspicions of modern slavery or human
trafficking, maintaining a secure and transparent reporting process.

Compliance and Governance:

We are fully committed to the rigorous implementation of our policies and continuously monitor
compliance. Our Partners and management hold the responsibility for upholding these standards and
ensuring all policies fulfill legal and ethical obligations.

Version no. 5 – April 2024