“Fantastic – great case studies and excellent knowledge. Good interactive style which kept it interesting and involved everyone.  Best financial training in the market – not at all dry or boring – really relevant.”

– Brenda Trenowden, Head of FIG, ANZ

“Everything was relevant, interesting and discussed well. No word spoken was of no value. I had to concentrate from minute one through to the end. Excellent mix of talk, queries and case studies – a fantastic format, and invaluable course.”

– Relationship Manager, Global Bank

“We work with Adeva as partner to provide a credit analysis course for our staff every year. We selected them based on their broad experience in banking and credit risk, and for their commitment to design a customized course that fully meets our learning needs. The training is highly interactive with challenging real-life case studies that promote deep analysis and discussion among participants. Our expectations have always been exceeded.”

– Head of Credit Analysis, Large Global Bank

“Adeva was an easy choice when selecting a training provider as their experience and credibility shone through.  The decision to work in partnership and design a programme has proven more than fruitful with 98% of our attendees stating “its possibly the best training I have ever done”.  Not only this, Anne-Marie and Sarah are an absolute dream to work with.   They understand our needs perfectly and always deliver!  In my opinion they are no longer a training provider but rather, a truly, trusted partner!”

– L&D Manager, UK Bank

“I have conducted due diligences on banks for 5 years before taking the Adeva training.  I went into it thinking it that it didn’t make sense for me to take a course on what I knew already. Wrong. Adeva’s course was outstanding. Not only an excellent refresher, but a complete guide to a systematic approach on how to look at a bank’s risks. Would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to add structure and fundamental understanding on how to approach financial institutions analysis. Anyone can benefit from this course, even the most experienced analysts.”

– Due dilligence officer, Multi-lateral Development Bank

“When we selected Adeva as a training partner we chose them based on the wide variety of courses they can provide in the banking space as well as the knowledge and experience of their facilitators.  Over the course of the relationship they’ve delivered a number or technical and product related trainings to our learners to help get them up to speed as new employees to the bank or to keep them sharp and informed as a tenured employee.  If I had to describe what it’s like working with Adeva I would sum it up with two words: professionalism and flexibility.  Our training needs change on a regular basis and Adeva always adjusts to meet the needs of our situation. Truly a pleasure to work with.”

– L&D Manager, Large Global Bank

“I don’t think it was possible to adequately express this in the survey, but I think the workshop was tremendous; you did a great job running it and presenting the material, and I really got a lot out of it (as did others I had conversations with).  I have been with the bank for just over 10 years and this was, without question, the best workshop/training I have attended.”

– Commercial Relationship Manager, UK Bank

“I’ve noticed I’m referring to the training provided in both customer meetings and in my analysis of financials. On many courses the training doesn’t convert to practical application but last week’s course has, so thank you very much.”