With over 20 years’ experience in credit, risk and corporate finance training, we have an outstanding track record built on our ability to understand our clients’ business aims and deliver value enhancing learning solutions.

We help our clients succeed

We work hard to help our clients achieve lasting impact. Our partner led teams collaborate closely with our clients to solve their unique challenges and achieve results. By doing so, we deliver innovative learning solutions that are tailored to their culture, business focus and risk appetite. These practical, effective solutions enable their people to deliver high calibre performance.

We deliver sustainable learning solutions

Our goal is to ensure that participants can take the lessons learned in training and immediately apply them to their job. Training is designed specifically for the target audience, taking into consideration their background, experience level and role. We build on the knowledge of the individuals attending, using real-life case studies that are current and relevant. We integrate our clients’ own templates, terminology, models and analytic tools to reinforce practical application.

We have valuable experience

Working with the world’s leading financial institutions and regulators gives us a unique and objective view on the competitive and regulatory challenges the banking industry faces. We have a deep understanding of our clients’ strategy, culture, performance, market, products and services. All our trainers have prior experience working in business and financial institutions. Their knowledge, market perspective and insight into working practices further enhances training design and delivery.

We bring a structured and practical approach

Our methodology works. Our training is interactive, challenging and practical. The foundation of all of our training is the provision of structured analytic frameworks that can be applied in the workplace. We demonstrate application through exercises and case studies where participants can apply concepts and tools and show their understanding. While economic and business cycles change and evolve, our structured approach stays relevant.