Banking System


European Central Bank Financial Stability Review

Information pertaining to the macro-financial and credit environment, financial markets and Euro banking sector. Annual ECB stress test criteria and results can be found here.

Country Specific Financial Stability Reports

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Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors’  Reports

Economic research, data and regulatory developments




Bank for International Settlements

Federal Reserve Bank: Division of Banking

Supervision and Regulation

Deloitte: Basel III: Summary of Post Crisis Reforms Starting January 2022 – 2027

Local Regulators’ Websites

EU Single Supervisory Mechanism

World Bank Group Publications

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Sovereign Credit Ratings


Google Search

Google search is the easiest way to get the latest sovereign credit ratings


International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Economic and Financial Surveys

The IMF is an organization of 190 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and economic growth and reduce poverty around the world.


Country Specific Information

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Regional Economic Outlook by Country

These reports discuss recent economic developments and prospects for countries in various regions

Global Financial Stability Report

The Global Financial Stability Report provides an assessment of the global financial system and markets

IMF World Economic Outlook

Detailed analysis of the world economy by IMF economists


Paid for Subscriptions

Occasionally you may find free reports from these companies, otherwise information from these sources require a subscription


Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU)

Country reports including banking system with financial sector reports for larger emerging market countries

Standard & Poors

BICRA: Banking Industry and Country Risk Assessment

Fitch Ratings – Quarterly Reports

Sovereign Data Comparator

Macro Prudential Risk Monitor

Orbis Bank (owned by Moody’s)

Bank spreadsheet and peer data


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