Heightening awareness of risk and empowering managers and key staff to take responsibility for risk management at individual, team and divisional levels.

This is a bank-wide training programme tailored to your bank.  It highlights management’s strategic objectives, the progress the Bank has made and the challenges it has faced over the past few years towards achieving these aims.  The programme will equip participants to:

  • Understand the diverse and changing role of banks, their responsibility to a wide range of external stakeholders – clients, shareholders, creditors and regulators – and how this affects the Bank’s values and expected behaviour.
  • Differentiate the main business activities of the Bank with respect to their financial drivers and risk profiles.
  • Identify the Bank’s strategy and review it in the context of the macro-economic and competitive environment, with a particular focus on changing regulations.
  • Recognise how risk drives financial performance at the Bank by reviewing lessons learned from the financial crisis.
  • Identify and benchmark key performance indicators with which the Bank is evaluated by regulators, rating agencies and investors.

We provide a core curriculum tailored to your bank that combines independent study using our eWorkbook series with applications based classroom training:

  • eWorkbooks:
    • Series 1: Foundations of Banking & Risk introduces the main business models, core products and key risks of banking.
    • Series 2: Regulatory, Risk & Performance Drivers is designed to give experienced managers and risk professionals more insight into the governance and regulation of risk and how it impacts performance.
  • Classroom training sessions are highly tailored to your organisation. Learning outcomes are supported and reinforced through short webinars, online quizzes and a case study assignment.
  • For risk professionals this can be followed by a continuing professional development curriculum comprising specialist risk courses and further eWorkbook independent study.