Our goal is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required for success.

Our tailored solutions are designed to build on the knowledge of the individuals attending, using real-life case studies that are current and relevant. We work hard to ensure that participants can take the lessons learned in training and immediately apply them to their roles.

What Adeva does well

Participants leave our workshops eager to apply new skills. Why? Because we have given them a structured approach, we have made complex topics understandable, and we have equipped them with valuable skills. They recognize the benefits and how these will help them succeed.


to incorporate your tools, processes, risk appetite, products, and clients as case studies / exercises / examples.


with the business and learning professionals, using their time used wisely and efficiently.


with enjoyable, interesting, intense and interactive that use a wide variety of training techniques.


to the different ways participants learn, their backgrounds, expectations.


participants to apply what they learn, support their conclusions with evidence, articulate their credit judgement, explain their rationale.


learning outcomes , ensuring application in the workplace – the hallmark of success.