Inside Adeva Partners: The role of a Virtual Producer

Adeva is well known for the expertise of our trainers. We want to lift the lid on some of the other roles within Adeva, that allow us to deliver a great service to our clients.

At Adeva we have a small team of highly skilled Virtual Producers. We asked Linda McNamara to share more about her role as a Virtual Producer at Adeva.

My role is to create an exceptional learner experience

This allows the trainer to concentrate on engagement and delivering the content to participants. I am in the background, anticipating any problems that may get in the way or interrupt the flow of learning. It’s important for me to always be engaging with participants. My role is to ensure their needs are met and solve any technical issues that may crop up.


It’s important to always be switched on

I do this by staying active, checking the chatrooms, lining up the next poll and thinking about what is coming up next. My aim is to always be one step ahead. Our content is very technical and the trainers are very well experienced, so they will sometimes go “off script” to answer a participants question or explore something further. I need to adapt to follow their lead and make it all feel seamless. One of the best bits about my job is when you build a relationship with the trainer and you start to work in synergy.


People have become more inventive about the way that they work

I was involved in virtual events and e-learning long before the Pandemic, so this way of working is not new to me, but I have noticed a cultural change. Before it was traditional for the producer to stay hidden away from the participants.  Now I am asked to introduce myself at the beginning of the session. Before, I may have been worried about having my kitchen in the background, but now that isn’t even a consideration.  People have adapted their mindset as to where you can do business, learn and teach.

Having your camera turned on during training makes the biggest difference

I sit through hours of virtual training on a weekly basis, and the thing that affects participant engagement the most, is if they have their cameras on. It makes a big difference for the participant and the trainer. Another tip is to be as engaged and interactive as possible. Virtual training means you need to take an active role in your training, if you want to get the most out of your time.

Adeva Partners would like to thank our team of producers for their hard-work and support.