Inside Adeva: The Role of a Course Administrator

Adeva is well known for the expertise of our trainers. We want to lift the lid on some of the other roles within Adeva, that allow us to deliver a great service to our clients.

Claire Williams, course administrator at Adeva shares what is involved in her role.

My role is to make learning as accessible as possible

The trainers and digital learning designer work together to create eLearning materials for participants, in advance of their first tutorial. My role is to use our eLearning materials and course outlines, to create a simple to use and easy to navigate space on our learning portal. The portal is used to ensure participants are aware of what is expected of them, before and during their training. As we have moved to virtual training, the portal acts like a virtual binder of case studies, slides, exercises and debrief notes. I create a one-stop shop, making it easy for the participant to be as prepared as possible.

I tend to get involved at the beginning and end of people’s learning journey

A big part of my role isExample Feedback chart that our course administrator creates for clients getting them ready to start the course, and I then get involved at the end, for feedback and evaluation. Feedback is a big part of Adeva culture. My role is to collate the feedback, summarise and create a dashboard that can be shared with clients. We have recently started to measure our Net Promotor Score (NPS), allowing us to benchmark our training against industry standards.

Learning doesn’t end in the classroom with Adeva

It is my job to organise our continuous learning. Some of our courses can have up to 6-10 months of post course recaps and training.

Continuous learning is a great way for participants to use what they have learnt in the classroom and apply it to their working lives. Our trainers create the materials and I help them manage the process of sending the recaps. I am very organised and logical in my filing and processes.

I’ve learnt a lot of new skills and adapted my role

I have been working with Adeva for over 5 years. My role as adapted with the growing move to virtual. Since Covid there is a much bigger need for integration between the virtual sessions and the portal. We have also done more training than ever before.

I am proud when the portal works well. It means less admin enquiries for our team and better feedback from participants. My role means I need to be very methodical and organised, but the design work allows me to be more creative. I like having a mixture of both.

Adeva Partners would like to thank Claire and the course administration team, for all the valuable work they do behind the scenes in ensuring we can give the best possible experience to our clients.