Inside Adeva: The Role of a Digital Learning Designer

Adeva is well known for the expertise of our trainers. We want to lift the lid on some of the other roles within Adeva, that allow us to deliver a great service to our clients.

We asked Elizabeth Heib to share more about her role as a Digital Learning Designer at Adeva.

My role is to design a straightforward way for people to think

I work in collaboration with the Adeva Trainers, to pull together the eLearning for our training courses. Participants will normally complete our eLearning before attending a tutorial. It plays a key role in ensuring that everyone joins our courses with the same baseline knowledge.

I look at how the content can be designed into eLearning modules and training support materials. I then design, test, and refine. As a designer I focus on the user experience, so my input is always on the educational journey and design.

My role at Adeva is always evolving

At the beginning of designing a new course or updating our library of eLearning, I will sit down with the trainers, and we will discuss the aims of the eLearning. The trainer will then look at the content, main teaching points and what examples, case studies and resources we can provide. The next stage is looking at how we can work together to break down complex and technical content. I then work with the trainers to plan an interactive learning journey. The last piece of the puzzle is to work out the best way to design it, engage the participant and bring it altogether.

My role is both technical and creative

I love that my role is so varied. One day I can be conceptualising the journey, another designing graphics (my favorite part) and the next day be building interactive quizzes. The team values continuous improvement and they have encouraged me to evolve the interactive nature of our eLearning. I have enjoyed making our eLearning more engaging and I think it helps to make something difficult to understand more accessible and to help land key learning points.

The importance of eLearning has grown, due to the Pandemic

The pandemic changed the way we structured our courses overnight. It put a real spotlight on the work I do and the importance of eLearning. We had experience of training virtually, but never to this scale. Our business moved to virtual at a quicker pace than I ever thought possible, and I will always be proud of the role I took in getting us there.

Adeva Partners would like to thank Liz for the work she does in supporting the development of their Virtual Learning Methodology.

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